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Inbound Marketing

Transform your lead-gen models


90% of searchers haven’t made their mind up about a brand before starting their search. (Status Labs, 2018)


61% of marketers say generating traffic & leads is their top challenge. (HubSpot 2018)

Our Team helps you address the entirety of the growth funnel with a holistic demand generation strategy, enabling you to generate traffic, convert leads and nurture them into good-fit customers.


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Demand Generation

Multiply your MQL funnel


85%  Users Reported 25% increase in ROI from earlier engagements with other vendors. 


92% say it's an important part of their marketing strategy

Proactively creates interest in your products & services by leveraging data to foster long-term relationships with your ideal buyers for sustainable revenue generation.

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Tonal blobs Inbound Sales
Tonal blobs Inbound Sales
Decorative Blobs Business Development
Decorative Blobs Business Development

Business Development

Revamp your lead-generation strategies


According to Status Labs in 2018, a staggering 90% of individuals embark on their brand search without a preconceived notion.


61% of marketers struggle with generating traffic and leads. Our team helps you address the entire growth funnel with a holistic demand generation strategy to generate traffic, convert leads, and nurture them into good-fit customers.

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Inbound Sales

Time for a New Approach to Sales


Just 22% of individuals depend on Sales Representatives


Only 34% of Sales Reps day spent in selling

Sales powered by unmatched insight to optimize your team's focus on high-quality prospects through data, unified systems, and sales specialists.

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The Plan

Transformational RoadMap

Step 1: Gathering Information

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your challenges, objectives, and intended audience.

Step 2: Construct

Create a powerful marketing engine that consistently generates high-quality sales opportunities.

Step 3: Continual Improvement

Never cease to enhance! The more advanced your machine becomes, the more effortless your life will be.

But Don't Just Take Our Word for It...

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"Every second I spent working with Web Canopy was time well spent! The team there is great at what they do!"

John Smith
Director of Marketing at Company
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"Working with Web Canopy has been the best decision of my career -- no, my life!"

Steve Smith
CMO of Company
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"I would go back to Web Canopy for my next project in a heartbeat! The entirety of the project was smooth, painless, and fun!"

Jane Doe
CEO of Company
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