Your brand is your window to the world, it projects a complete vision of your business, not only to your potential clients, but also your existing client base. At MapleSage we will help you to improve and strengthen your corporate identity to give you the brand positioning that you are looking for.

We firmly believe that the difference is in the added value that you can offer against your competition, and also how this is projected to your users. Through digital corporate branding, we will define the strategic bases that need to be touched upon for your target customers or your final clients.


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Creation of digital corporate identity

Have you just launched your business and you’re not sure where to go next? Do you want to rebrand your corporate identity?

If either of these two are the case, MapleSage will create and optimize your digital ecosystem, your website, your blog, social networks, and always taking into account your goals and the values of your company.

Because being relevant in the online community means more than just existing there. In the digital world, everything is magnified.

The way you do business will be different. Physical restraints are removed and you will find yourself closer than ever to your customers, who publish opinions and review your products publicly.

So it’s in your hands to control the footprint your brand will leave online. 


There are three fundamental steps in starting to manage your brand online; the creation of your ecosystem, monitoring what people say about you on social networks and the creation of content that speaks about your brand and its diffusion around the social channels.
Studies show that 80% of consumers search for information on a product before purchasing, and not necessarily on your own corporate website. Searches include what others say about your brand and your products and, almost always, what users say has more credibility to a prospect than what the company itself says.
So at MapleSage we assure you that these searches will show users your brand, to evaluate, to feel, and to understand. We set up global communication strategies, both on and offline and, above all, we do this with consistency to make sure your digital branding is immortalized.
Corporate Identity Action Plan



We will create the perfect platform to create interest in your brand and bring in new leads, customers and above all, sales.


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Social Media

Your communications and your digital actions need to be consistent and unambiguous. We will transform your social channels into loudspeakers for your business.

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We will position you as a reference in your sector through unique and quality content. Get new visitors to your pages through the means of our guided support on your blog network.

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Growing your digital ecosystem

Inbound Marketing is based on attracting and converting new contacts, and cultivating new lead for your business. The most important thing to remember here is to get the right information at the right time to gain insights and qualify your leads for sales.

The creation of integrated forms in various formats, and the atomization of the relationships with your clients is simple.

At MapleSage we can consolidate your digital ecosystem by creating and reinforcing a strong corporate identity.  By doing this you will increase your visibility, attract more qualified traffic and start to check the boxes on your lead-gen model.


In complete digitization phase, the segmentation of your databases or the automation of your online sales are key to the growth of your brand and developing your corporate identity.

In this phase we build leads and qualify databases with the aim of preparing your company for an optimized digital strategy.

We segment our digital branding strategies between B2B, B2C and distribution, implementing branding strategies on the ideal channels to attract your Buyer Personas and drive the best qualified leads to your ecosystem.
Growing your digital ecosystem action plan



To get to your true client base, it’s fundamental that you speak the same language. Through keyword research we will improve your position to get you the best visibility...

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Leads Management

We believe in customer-relations based marketing. Once a person becomes a client of yours, it’s important to carry out those personal actions that will increase their value over time.

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Online Advertising

Get the highest profitability from your investment with a tailor fit online advertising campaign. Reach your future customers in the right channels.

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Inbound Marketing for B2B businesses

Inbound marketing is the primary marketing approach for the majority of businesses worldwide. Download our B2B inbound marketing guide to learn how it can help you grow your business.

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