Your customers are your best marketing channels. Get to know your target audience and offer them what they need at every moment.

Content marketing is made up of different techniques which were created to satisfy your potential client’s needs in every step of his buying journey. This is a marketing program that centers on creating, publishing, and distributing content for your target audience usually online the goal of which is to attract new customers.

Consistent, original, & addictive #content is all the rage! Create content that audiences crave.



Visits to digital assets
Lead acquisition
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Conversion rate
Return on Investment
Valuable content 

Brands have become storytellers, competing for the hearts and minds of consumers. Modern marketers create multimedia content to attract and engage audiences, and use the context of consumer behavior to create personalized brand experiences

Transform your content marketing strategy into sales opportunities. Take advantage of the digital supports to create interactive content for your audience, via which you will identify leads and make sales.

Satisfy your potential client’s needs in every step of his buying journey, golden age of a new television, on any and every device imaginable.


A micro-site dedicated to your key product will spark your conversion ratios. 

Computer graphics have potential to help you generate a viral phenomenon. And an online survey will help you to better know your potential customers and move them to make a purchase.

These are only three examples of valuable content that we create at MapleSage to provoke reactions within your users and achieve results for your company.


Video Marketing


The heart and soul of marketing and customer acquisition is great content

Though there are many marketing tactics you could use to fuel the growth of your business, few prove more effective in today’s digital age than nailing your video marketing strategy.

Video marketing helps to communicate your company’s unique value proposition in a more engaging manner.





To transform your content marketing strategy into sales opportunities. Take advantage of our video production team and create content that resonates with your customers demands.

We help you create content to provoke reactions within your users and achieve results for your company. 



The blog is the first step of your Content Marketing Strategy. The blogging strategy will have to adapt to your brand’s needs and to its digital maturity.

Increase your views and capture new business opportunities using content that can position you as a reference for your sector.

A good content will end up convincing your leads and making you their favorite choice before your competitors.  

Make your customers fall in love with you with a blog that keeps them posted with valuable information and that will keep their interest in your brand alive.


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Answer questions, propose solutions and alternatives, and present the qualities of your product.

Create long lasting relationships with the users and they will come back to you when they are ready to purchase.


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Social Media Marketing 

Are your social networks whistling in the wind, not capitalising on inbound sales? Do you feel like you are talking to an empty audience? If the answer is yes, you are using the wrong Social Media Marketing strategy.

Create meaningful content that speaks to the strengths of your product or services and communicates how your it is different from your competition.


Shifting focus to mid-funnel

It used to be that if marketers could fill the top of the marketing funnel, they were on track to meet enrollment goals. funnel to flywheel

No longer. Because of the advances noted above that allow marketers greater access and insight into mid funnel leads, they are able to offer more relevant information, at the right time, to the people who are most likely to be a good fit. This means that the greatest opportunity lies in lead nurturing. Download our guide below to learn more about key growth tactics & trends for 2019 :

Grwoth Tactics Final 750x1000

6 Key Inbound Marketing Growth Tactics For 2019 & After

Technology has changed and more importantly, so have consumers. In an increasingly competitive, complex and connected mesh of world, collaboration, agility, transparency, speed and a relentless obsession with customer experience are at the core of this new enterprise.

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