The increase in sales over the internet has unveiled a great opportunity in e-commerce, but this also means stiffer competition. If you run an e-commerce website, your business will need a constant method of creation, optimization and e-commerce marketing; each of these are elements that may directly or indirectly influence your revenues. Want to know how to go about that? Have a look at our e-commerce strategies.

At MapleSage we adapt our actions and resources to the current position of your online sales platform. We adapt our strategies according to your requirements, whether you are looking to launch into a specific market, improve your conversion rate, or creating an action plan to optimize your marketing platform.

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Working on visibility should be a standard practice in any e-commerce strategy. And for this reason it shouldn’t be left on the back burner, the current state of your business is key to forming the perfect strategy to increase visibility.

At MapleSage we won’t only give you an increase in traffic, we understand the fundamentals of getting quality traffic, true opportunities giving you the best possible chance in the conversion phase of the buyer’s journey.

Your data, thanks to detailed analytics, determine the actions to be taken. We will help you to understand the behaviors of your users and identify the traffic sources that ae bring you the best return on investment. All of this means we prepare a plan based on results.


In the strategic phase of visibility, SEO optimization and social media will be the two actions that bring in the most traffic, depending on the requirements of your organization.

To get the best from this, MapleSage creates optimized content to bring in qualified traffic and also analyzes and uses the channels that prove to work best with your e-commerce site.

Thanks to our multidisciplinary team, we will set up your platform to bring in the best results. We create multi-channel experiences, allowing users to connect to your Brand fluidly, regardless of the channel, device they are using to access.

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KeyWord Strategy

To engage and convert your visitors into customers,  you need to speak in the same language. Through keywords research we help your position to achieve the best visibility.

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Social Networks

Your communication on your digital channels and & social  networks should be consistent and univocale. We help you transform your social networks into loudspeakers of your business.

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We help you position yourself as a reference in your sector through unique and qualitative content. To get new customers through guided support on your blog network.

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Your visibility strategy should always be on the move, but the time will come when a crucial question needs to be asked; what can I do to increase revenue? From all of the useful information your ecosystem provides, we can study the patterns of behavior allowing us to optimize your digital conversion strategy.

To do this, we analyze and rework every process in place on your system to improve the conversion of the traffic coming to your site.

At MapleSage we offer a 360º optimization plan on your conversion channels. We take into account the buyer’s journey right up to the point of purchase, using all of the possible routes users can follow to get to your shop and follow a smooth process, minimizing indecision and getting the conversion in a fluid, user-friendly experience.

Combining e-commerce marketing strategies with the latest technology, we guarantee you will increase your revenues.

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 Users react to certain stimulus, if you are looking to capture new leads, your ecosystem has to be adapted to drive users to certain content

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EMail Marketing

We set-up workflows to engage right users at right time, allow them to effortlessly get through sales process quickly & efficiently. All parties share a common objective.

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A/B Testing

If you need users to understand your products & services better,  you need to enable, engage & influence them throughout their buying journey, nurturing them towards the desired outcome. 

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Unique purchases from individual customers should not be the goal for any e-commerce site.

At MapleSage we understand that the key is to provide users with an exclusive experience to convert them into customers loyal to your brand and will consider you as a flagship in your industry.

If your site already has a client base, you have valuable information on your users that you need to organize and use intelligently. Where do you start in this process?

The client database is the main, and most valuable resource you have for your digital marketing strategy. Don’t waste it, if you don’t make the most of the latest technological tools at your disposal, you might be missing out on getting the best performance from your client lists.

At MapleSage we get the best results through e-commerce marketing processes to give you the best performance on your business, the best value from your brand, repeat custom, and the best lifetime user-value.

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Data Intelligence 

Information you have about your customers is a goldmine, if you know how to use it. From data intelligence we find sales opportunities based on your action. 

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Loyalty Circuit

To build lasting relationships with your customers you need to get your actions aligned. At MapleSage produce loyalty circuit workflows to make your customers love you!

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Database Qualifying 

It's never too late to get to know your customers better. Through database qualifying we help you increase ROI of your loyalty actions.

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Getting Started With Ecommerce Retention & Loyalty

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Learn how to develop an eCommerce retention and loyalty strategy to fit the needs of your company.


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